About Us

Get it done, and do it better, is our motto.

Glorious Innovative is your partner that turn your ideas into products, and your products into the hand of customers.
But we do not just stop there, we strive to do it better, cheaper, faster.

Our team include designers, production experts, purchasing experts. More importantly, we know cross-border buying and selling can be a daunting task to many people, so let us help you in handling the complexities of shipping, customs, payment, so you can focus on what you do best – your products. How about selling them? We can help too, our network of international partners are what you need.

Where we come from

Starting from a general sourcing agent, Glorious Innovative has become a one-stop product to market development agency.

Our Philosophy – Adding (not taking) Value

We strive to help our clients by adding values in every steps of the sourcing and marketing process, we make ourselves difference by making use of affordable technologies, our selected suppliers are also technology oriented.

Affordable Technologies

We bring in Technologies and Specialized Solutions from around to world, further develop for better affordability and adaptation to local environment. Our solutions include Specialized Cleaning and Hygiene, Smart Agriculture and Agribusiness, IoT and connected systems.

Tell us the products you have, or you want. We provide free consultations, no commitments needed. Contact us now!